Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Memoires by Randy London

Memoires by Randy London

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As a literary genre, a memoir (from the Latin memoria, meaning "memory") forms a subclass of autobiography, although it is an older form of writing. Memoirs may appear less structured and less encompassing than formal autobiographical works as they are usually about part of a life rather than the chronological telling of a life from childhood to adulthood/old age. Most memoirs are written from the first person point of view.
Gore Vidal, in his own memoir Palimpsest, writes that "a memoir is how one remembers one's own life, while an autobiography is history, requiring research, dates, facts double-checked." It is more about what can be gleaned from a section of one's life than about the outcome of the life as a whole.
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Chapter 1 - The early years…
Chapter 2 - The other side of the street…
Chapter 3 - An over abundance of Berman…

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Randy's Memoires - Chapter 1

The early years…
We met in high school; she took my breath away and brought me to life. What a ride. She was everything I had hoped for in a girlfriend, beauty, that sweet ass and one hell of a kisser. That first kiss, I thought I was floating on cloud nine, that one kiss was all it took. I was hers and she knew it. Mandy, Mandy Berman, the hottest girl in Cedar Park.
Life with Mandy was a roller coaster rush full of ups and downs and just when you thought the ride was over, whoosh you're off again. High school was a blur of Mandy. I'm still not sure how I graduated, I just know the whirlwind I called my girlfriend whisked me away to college with her and I've never looked back. I don't regret my life with Mandy, she was everything to me.
High school, college, Greek house, engagement, graduation… every moment of every day I spent them with her, my Mandy… my world. We moved back to CP to be near her family. Family life was important to her father; Chris Berman is after all the head one of the two founding families. I was marrying in to one of the main families in CP, the magnitude of the situation was lost on me. It wasn't until years later before I realized the importance of this family and my small role within it.
Mandy married me day one back in CP, I thought I hit the mother lode. A new house, a new diploma, a new wife, a new life… Do you know the old saying; a leopard doesn't change their spots? In Mandy's case, it was true. I thought I could change her, I had hoped marrying me and having two beautiful daughters would be enough to keep her straying eyes and wanton ways curbed. I would learn I was wrong.
Arik London, oh how proud a papa I was… a son, I had a son! Like most men I wanted a boy to carry on the family name. I know this town is all about the founding families, I'm neither a Berman nor a Cabrera, and marriage will only carry you so far. Here was Arik, my boy… my son, my London heir. We had a son… correction, she had a son. My boy, my 'London heir' is a Cabrera in London clothing… it didn't matter… I still love the boy. I don't care who his biological father is, he will always be my son… just not the heir I dreamed he would one day be.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Randy's Memoires - Chapter 2

On the other side of the street…
The Cabrera family, the second founding family… Rob the eldest boy, heir to the Cabrera home, Paige his twin sister fell in love with and married Lance, heir to the Berman home, and little Rose… sweet innocent Rose, bright eyes, inquisitive nature… a smile that would melt the coldest of hearts.
Rob and Chloe high school sweethearts, the perfect couple through college and beyond… up until he was seduced by my Mandy. Life would never be the same for the Cabrera heir, he fathered a son with Chloe, and he fathered a son with my Mandy. It wasn't enough that he took liberties that weren't his; he planted his seed in my wife.
Paige, the perfect wife and mother, Stepford comes to mind. Gave her Lance 8 children by birth 2 through adoption, mothered them, loved them, raised them, and nurtured them. What man could ask for more?
Sweet little Rose, she was the ideal simwoman, beautiful, intelligent, fun loving, caring and true. Jeff was devastated when she was taken first. I doubt he ever contemplated outliving his wife. What man does? She was taken too soon, she was too young, they had two children and the perfect life… together.

Memoires Chapter 3