Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Wedding Chapel

Greetings and welcome to The Wedding Chapel
Purpose of the wedding chapel page is to sort the weddings from the regular Cedar Park weekly updates. They will be listed in order of when the weddings took place, stating bride & groom names to choose from.

Don't you just love the church? I do too, but I wont take credit for it. It was graciously offered to us simmers to play at Magic Beans Sims. Thanks Beans! You rock!!

I present to you, the weddings:

Wendy Berman & Nery Bachman
Rain Berman & Quinton Conway
Arik London & Ruby Creutz
Mal Monif & Eve Berman
Frans Berman & Suzy Beans
Sasuke London & Shaunna Phfisher

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